Legisway legal management solutions enable legal departments to store, manage, audit, report and collaborate on all their legal information in a single source of truth. Connecting legal intelligence with expert solutions, Legisway helps legal teams to provide value and enable business growth.

Which path will your Corporate Legal Department take?

The Hard Way:
Every day legal departments deal with more work, complexity, and stakeholders. Equipped with adhoc spreadsheets, shared drives or generic software, staying in control is difficult, and driving operational efficiency near impossible. Overwhelmed with information, disconnected from stakeholders and in a constant state of firefighting, can your legal department continue to work this way?

The Legisway: Legisway all-in-one legal management software solutions centralize legal information and structure processes so that legal teams are in control and able to focus on strategic work. With Legisway, legal professionals can boost efficiency, increase collaboration and position the legal department as a valuable business partner, prepared for the challenges of tomorrow, today.

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More control & transparency

Share access with the right people across the business, delegate tasks, standardize workflows and faciliate self-service for routine work.

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Increase productivity

Organize your data into a "single source of truth" and optimize work processes. Legisway helps you save time managing, auditing and reporting on legal information.

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Mitigate risk and prepare for change

With an accurate overview of your obligations and exposure, be ready to provide strategic legal guidance.

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Become a value center

With a better grasp on your legal matters you can generate accurate insights faster and demonstrate the benefits delivered by your department.

Stop doing things the hard way. Here are 4 reasons to take the Legisway!

Simplified Tax Accounting Rules for Small Business

Access to clear & accurate information

If you can't find documents or key information when you need to, it's time to fix the problem. Legisway helps you store, manage, audit and report on all of your legal information and documents, from a single tool! 

  • Contracts
  • Corporate 
  • Claims & Litigation
  • Power of Attorney
  • Compliance
  • IP Management
  • Real Estate
  • Data Privacy
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Boost productivity & collaboration across the business

With increasing pressure to "do more with less", in-house legal teams can no longer afford to use ad hoc systems or processes. Legisway helps you standardize processes, save time on routine tasks, and empower the business to collaborate and self-serve.

  • Intuitive data recording and search capabilities
  • Generate reports in a click and track KPIs
  • Delegate of tasks & standardise workflows based on business rules
  • Automate document creation
  • Self-service portal for the business
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Be proactive & ready for change

Being overburden with admin tasks can leave you being reactive. Anticipate change and stay on top of your obligations with Legisway.

  • Set alerts and notifications for deadlines and critical events
  • Configure dashboards so key data is always top of mind
  • Communicate with chat, forum and email functionalities
  • Powerful auditing and reporting capabilities
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Improve service levels & create value for the business

If the legal department is seen as a bottle-neck or disconnected from the business, it can be extremely difficult to prove your worth.

Legisway empowers you to improve communication with the rest of the business, respond to requests quicker and keep track of performance and spend. Start delivering tangible value with Legisway!

Thousands of in-house lawyers are already using Legisway. See what they say:

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I’m seen as a legal department, even though I’m the only one. Legisway supports me in delivering a broad range of services, while assuming a proactive, strategic role in our management team.
Koen van Holten
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Since data is stored on Legsiway it means no extra work for our IT. Combine that with the cost, top level data security and positive stories I had heard from other users and it was the easiest technology buy we’ve made!
Elizabeth Hondius
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I can’t imagine a legal life now without Legisway. Before Legisway, we were unable to effectively keep track of our corporate structure. Now we have on-tap insights into the business and how it’s structured
Hein Bijl
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I save at least six hours a week using Legisway. Then we have 30 to 50 users who are each saving time too. We implemented Legisway in a very short timeframe. After we implemented it, it took about only two weeks to get everyone using it.
Legisway user
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With Legisway, I can link all the information together: shareholders, companies, appointments, contracts and more. When I make a change in one place, the system updates everywhere.
Claudia Jacobs

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