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Managing compliance among numerous daily tasks within your payroll department can be overwhelming. That's why with an extensive collection of payroll resources and tools, we can help you quickly adhere to ever-changing laws, and confidently avoid costly penalties. You will find information on how to implement proactive, efficient payroll procedures while ensuring compliance with federal, state and local requirements. We also provide explanations and expert analysis on entitlements requirements related to federal and state unemployment insurance and Social Security, along with a comprehensive collection of primary source materials — such as case law, regulations, and statutes.

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Providing training for Fortune 500 companies gave me the opportunity to better understand the issues employers face dealing with the many state and federal requirements that apply to all types of wage attachments at both the federal and state level. Exposure to these documents and laws was the basis for determining what types of information is most beneficial to the payroll community.
Amorette Nelson Bryant
Amorette Nelson Bryant
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