Market Definitions Locator is a practice tool which enables users to research European Commission merger control decisions with efficiency, speed and confidence. The tool offers expert summaries of European Commission (EC) merger decisions, enabling competition professionals to identify relevant market definitions at pace.

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Kluwer Competition Law offers multiple tools to support merger control professionals. Market Definitions Locator is an essential source for this critical workflow, which covers over 800 English language decisions from 2012 onwards and which will be regularly updated with new decisions. It enables users to integrate research on product and geographic market definitions into their wider competition law work. Together with Merger Thresholds Monitor, which provides dynamically updated and actively edited merger control information, Market Definitions Locator strengthens the suite of merger control tools for our users.

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Researching market definitions is complex and labour-intensive, yet essential to merger control preparation:

Finding the relevant precedents quickly is key, so competition professionals can focus their time on interpretation and analysis of the precedents

Identifying relevant markets is a key part of the merger control process:

Market Definitions Locator matches carefully selected search options, such as product and geographic market, remedies and merger type, with Commission decisions and summaries by our experts, enabling users to conduct research accurately and efficiently.

Market Definitions Locator provides competition professionals with a manageable set of Commission decisions to research, print and save; each decision is preceded by a summary (in tabular format) of the key aspects of the decision, including the product and geographic market definitions.

Market Definitions Locator: Key Features

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