Paper invoices weighing you down?
Our Intelligent Invoice Conversion service uses artificial intelligence and human experts to intake “paper” invoices, like PDF files, and convert them to LEDES files for submission to either TyMetrix® 360° or Passport®. This gives clients visibility into all their legal spend down to the line item details to assist in billing guideline enforcement and reporting.
Convert paper invoices to LEDES file with AI
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It's not complicated. It's just intelligent.

Our AI-enabled Intelligent Invoice Conversion service utilizes machine learning technology to pull data from “paper” invoices (PDF, XLS, etc.) and convert it into a LEDES file for submission through our e-billing systems – with human review along the way to ensure accuracy of the original invoice before submission.

Value for our clients

File types supported for conversion: PDF, CSV, PPT, DAT, RTF, DOC, TIF, JPEG, TXT, MP3, XLS, MPP, and ZIP

AI invoice conversion