Patient engagement that delivers

Grounded in millions of engagements with patients, Emmi is proven to engage people in their care, leading to better outcomes, greater efficiencies, and fewer re-admissions.

Emmi’s 360-view of performance data also means we can measure what matters most to you and your patients.

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UAB Medicine

"We really believe in engaging with our patients and a way to monitor and keep track of how they’re doing once they leave the hospital. Emmi really helps us do that in ways that we really weren’t able to do before."


- Benjamin Taylor, MD, MPH,
SVP Clinical Effectiveness and Associate Chief Medical Officer, UAB Medicine

Four steps to successfully measure patient engagement

Step 1: Report on patient engagement efforts

How do you know if your patient engagement efforts are working? With Emmi, we bring the expertise and technology to monitor each step in the patient journey — individually and in aggregate — so that you can draw meaningful connections to your financial and clinical outcomes.

Step 2: Identify engagement opportunities through analytics

We track key patient behaviors over time and bring attention to opportunities for care teams to engage, and suggest interventions to close gaps in care. With Emmi you will have benchmarks that you can use to identify process improvements.

Step 3: Measure patient satisfaction

Patient-centricity is in our DNA. Asking for patient input and listening to patient responses are core to that focus. We provide you with ongoing reporting that includes both patient action and patient sentiment, providing you with patient-level, real-time feedback.

Step 4: Track outcomes of Emmi engagement strategy

We believe that all patient engagement efforts, like any quality initiative, should drive a financial or clinical outcome. We’ve measured our efforts through scores of case studies tying Emmi participation to specific customer goals like reducing readmissions, improving procedure attendance, changing patient behavior.

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