You Can’t Improve What You Can’t Measure

Since our very beginnings, we have believed that reporting, data and outcomes is what differentiates patient engagement that feels good from patient engagement that creates a return on investment.

Engagements with Emmi, through all of our tools and modalities, is tracked to the consumer/patient level. This means that you will be able to measure activation, connect activation to outcomes and focus your team resources on the patients, gaps and outcomes that matter to you most.

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UAB Medicine

"We really believe in engaging with our patients and a way to monitor and keep track of how they’re doing once they leave the hospital. Emmi really helps us do that in ways that we really weren’t able to do before."


- Benjamin Taylor, MD, MPH,
SVP Clinical Effectiveness and Associate Chief Medical Officer, UAB Medicine

Step 1: Reporting

Each step of an Emmi-enabled journey is tracked and documented. That way you know, not just what a patient was handed, but what they consume, how they interact, and what they respond to. Reported on both an individual basis and in aggregate, trending reports, we help you improve your engagement process measures and give you valuable insight into your patient population activity.

Step 2: Analytics

Capturing data is the first step to helping your care teams prioritize action and for you to understand where you can improve. Our goal is to give insight when it matters most. That includes tracking key patient behaviors over time to help flag escalations and prioritize staff focus, trending responses to help identify process improvement opportunities and benchmarking performance to help you understand your performance relative to peers.

Step 3: Patient Sentiment

Patient-centricity is our DNA. Asking for patient input and response is the obvious core to that focus. We provide you with ongoing reporting not just about patient action, but patient sentiment. This certainly helps us improve our products, but it also provides you with patient level, real-time feedback.

Step 4: Outcomes

We believe that all patient engagement efforts, like any quality initiative, should drive a financial or clinical outcome. We’ve measured our efforts through scores of case studies tying Emmi participation to specific customer goals like reducing readmissions, improving procedure attendance, changing patient behavior.