Although it contains the name and address of the boat's owner as well as identifying boat details, the State of Delaware boat registration is not very official looking. It is black & white in appearance and printed on firm white paper comparable in size to a credit card.

When you're sailing outside Delaware waters, you may feel more comfortable with a vessel verification letter on board. A vessel verification letter is an optional document that contains the boat registration information in letter format on letterhead from the State of Delaware, Department of Natural Resources and Environment Control, Division of Fish & Wildlife, with picture of state seal, is signed by an employee of the State of Delaware, and is printed in color on bond paper. The vessel verification letter is recommended as a “back up” for the actual boat registration for yacht operators who may need to present the boat registration to foreign agencies accustomed to seeing “fancy” paperwork.

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By request, the signature on the vessel verification letter can be notarized. If needed, the notary's signature can be authenticated by the Delaware Secretary of State with an Apostille or Gold Seal Authentication.

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