We devise a different Learning Path according to your Role in a specific Domain. The Learning path are addressed to 3 main personas:

  • Solution Pro. The solution administrator (Consolidator, Controller, Supply Chain Planner, etc.) has a guided and dedicated path to become a Solution Pro (including an optional certification)
  • Contributor. We can suggest a slightly different learning path to Data-Entry focused Contributors and Contributors that in addition design their own reports.
  • Application and System Administrator. This Role focuses on the Application administration from a System maintenance point of view , with a focus on data integration

Download the document related to your area of interest to see the full recommended Learning Path, with duration, pre-requisites and available certification tests. In addition it will show if a course is an Instructor-led class (ILT) or a Self-paced course.

While our courses have a fixed curriculum, we know that you might have a different learning style or need to complete the course at a different pace. To accommodate a variety of needs, you can complete every exercise through:

  • Learning by problem solving. You’re presented with a task, but you must remember where to find a particular window or button
  • Learning by doing. Use the hints section to follow step-by-step instructions

Every catalogue shows the recommended classes and actions to become a certified CCH® User.

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These customized courses for users are available on-demand:

If you already have all the information you need, have a look at our calendar and choose the best course for your needs.

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