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Why select CCH Tagetik, the real-time and connected demand, supply and production planning solution?

  • Reduces cycle times, improves accuracy and delivers instantaneous impact assessments across the enterprise by integrating product, customer, supplier, geographic and organizational data
  • Delivers dynamic and continuous supply chain planning through predictive and prescriptive AI-based intelligence that utilizes a business’ strategic goals as the planning foundation 
  • Includes easy-to-use, configurable workflows that strengthen cross-functional collaboration and alignment  
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CCH® Tagetik Supply Chain Planning for Supply Planning demo

Discover the supply planning solution from CCH Tagetik that enables you to balance supply and demand, optimize inventory and drive results.

Supply Planning in CCH Tagetik Supply Chain Planning allows planners to balance supply and demand by optimizing inventory strategies and levels, managing exceptions and automating purchase orders and transfers.

Watch the demo and find out more about CCH Tagetik Supply Chain Planning for Supply Planning.

CCH Tagetik Supply Planning Demo
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