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Wolters Kluwer unveils the new Return Dashboard – an addition to CCH Axcess™ Tax

New CCH Axcess Tax Return Dashboard feature provides up-to-the-minute status updates, year-over-year analysis, and important diagnostic information to facilitate the review process.

As tax professionals strain to balance growing workloads, regulatory complexity, and staffing challenges, the need for efficient access to project statuses and diagnostics is critical to meeting deadlines and maintaining profitability. To help improve visibility into the status of tax returns and the latest eFile status, Wolters Kluwer is releasing a new Return Dashboard feature for CCH Axcess™ Tax in July, 2022. This new dashboard will provide quick, at-a-glance information about returns, including key dates, return status, amount due, refund amount, and deeper diagnostics to help tax preparers find the information they need and resolve problems quickly.  

With the CCH Axcess Tax Return Dashboard, tax preparers will have a wealth of information about each return available to them in a single view:

Complexity Scores: A proprietary algorithm has a quick-reference panel that shows the complex characteristics of each clients’ returns, highlighting areas that are most likely to require special attention or expertise, including the number of K-1s, foreign income, at-risk limitation, depreciation, and more.  

Return Overview: The Return Overview provides an itemized list of federal and state returns for each client, including due dates, status, extension information, and amount due or refunded. 

Two-Year Return Comparison: The most important information and changes year-over-year are highlighted automatically, including changes in total income, adjusted gross income, taxable income, total tax, and balance due. 

Diagnostic Overview: Refer to an overview of important diagnostics, including warning areas and cautions flagged for review, informational alerts, and sign-off status, with a quick-access link to complete diagnostic breakdowns.  

The information captured in the Return Dashboard is updated nearly in real-time facilitating collaboration, removing delays between sources and systems, and providing more responsive client service. The new enhancement to the CCH Axcess Tax Return Dashboard will be added to CCH Axcess Tax at no additional charge. 

"The new CCH Axcess Tax Return Dashboard helps firms solve many of the problems commonly experienced in the 1040 tax return process, all on one screen,” said Cathy Rowe, CPA, CA and Vice President of Product Management, US Professional Market, at Wolters Kluwer Tax & Accounting North America. “Key return indicators like return complexity help reviewers know where to focus, and near real-time status of e-file return progress lets you move on to your next task faster. We’re also excited to roll out micro-learning that is integrated into the dashboard and available on-demand exactly when and where it’s needed.” 

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