Tax & AccountingJune 11, 2019

Tax & Accounting experts help 2019 AICPA Engage participants prepare firms for imminent change

Speakers to address the impact of exponential technology change on the accounting profession.

Jim McGinnis, Executive Vice President and General Manager of Medium and Large Firm Segment at Wolters Kluwer Tax & Accounting North America, together with Bas Kniphorst, Vice President of Research & Learning Product Management at Wolters Kluwer Tax & Accounting North America, will host a presentation entitled “Endgame: Preparing Your Firm for Imminent Change” on Wednesday, June 12 during the 2019 AICPA Engage Conference taking place in Las Vegas, Nevada on June 9 - 13.

In their session, Wolters Kluwer experts will discuss the fast pace of technology change seen across the tax & accounting profession, look at the implications facing firms that ignore this change and explore new innovative technologies on the horizon. The session will help participants identify software research solutions available today enabling firms to adapt to the changing landscape and turn challenges into opportunities that will help grow, manage and protect their business and their clients’ businesses.

“The accounting profession is at an inflection point with technology changing workflow and business models. These are exciting times, and accountants have many reasons to feel optimistic,” said McGinnis. “Firms on the leading edge of the technology transformation that have incorporated integrated solutions to enhance client collaboration, tax compliance and research workflows, and firm management are already reaping the benefits. They are harnessing the data in their systems and leveraging critical legislative changes to automatically identify growth opportunities and proactively suggest new, value-add services to clients.”

Tax and accounting firms want to leverage technology but are looking for practical guidance to help them separate hype from reality. While new technologies open up exciting possibilities, it is often challenging to translate the potential into pragmatic solutions. These are solutions that will include

  • End‑to‑end, automated cloud‑based tax preparation
  • AI‑enhanced, highly intuitive tax research
  • A cloud‑driven, Integrated Audit Approach that focuses on audit quality
  • Analytical practice management that helps leaders visualize data and gain insights
  • Artificial Intelligence to sort and identify clients for further communication and added services opportunities

“Firms today need the right technology partner. One that continues to invest in development and innovation to infuse technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning or predictive intelligence into the daily workflows in ways that are most meaningful to the accounting professionals and their clients,” Kniphorst added. “Expert solutions from Wolters Kluwer like CCH Axcess™ iQ combine technology innovation with deep domain expertise to help firms and professionals deliver impact when it matters most.”

Visit us at booth #309 during the 2019 AICPA Engage Conference to learn more about the award-winning portfolio of tax, accounting and audit solutions from Wolters Kluwer.

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