LegalSeptember 09, 2019

Wolters Kluwer legal expert to lead session during National Payroll Week

A leading labor and employment expert will address legal concerns around opioids and marijuana in the workplace at American Payroll Association Chapter conference.

Wolters Kluwer Legal & Regulatory U.S. today announced that one of its leading labor and employment experts will lead a discussion on legal concerns around marijuana and opioids in the workplace at the upcoming New York Metropolitan Chapter of the American Payroll Association conference.

Pamela Wolf, J.D., a senior employment law analyst at Wolters Kluwer Legal & Regulatory U.S., will present a session titled, “Legal Concerns: Opioids and Marijuana in the Workplace.” The session will cover the changing legal and business compliance landscape surrounding marijuana and opioid use, as well as the potential impacts of use and abuse of these substances in the workplace. Wolf will provide practical information, best practices for handling at-risk employees, employment policy considerations, and a real-life scenario to help equip business professionals with useful resources to properly handle legal concerns around these issues.

“As the impacts of the opioid crisis continue to unfold, and as rules around medical and recreational marijuana use continue to evolve at the state level, business professionals are encountering a minefield of complex and potentially perilous legal issues in the workplace,” said Wolf. “I am pleased to present this session at the American Payroll Association to shed light on these highly complex legal concerns to help business professionals effectively respond to the challenges around substance use and abuse.”

Pamela Wolf, J.D. has been with Wolters Kluwer Legal & Regulatory U.S since 2005. Wolf tracks and analyzes employment law issues, including White House and federal agency developments, federal regulations, court decisions, state and federal legislation, and labor and employment trends.

Wolf will present “Legal Concerns: Opioids and Marijuana in the Workplace” at the National Payroll Week gathering on September 13 for the New York Metropolitan Chapter of the American Payroll Association. To learn more about the event, visit:

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