LegalOctober 10, 2017

New Wolters Kluwer white paper focuses on intellectual property litigation and industry trends

Experts examine impact of the Defend Trade Secrets Act and recent U.S. Supreme Court decisions.

Wolters Kluwer Legal & Regulatory U.S. today released a white paper on recent trends in intellectual property (IP) litigation, examining the impacts of the Defend Trade Secrets Act (DTSA) and recent Supreme Court decisions on IP litigation, and looking ahead at the future of jurisprudence in this highly dynamic practice area.

“Hot Topics in IP: Litigation under the DTSA and recent Supreme Court decisions", provides IP professionals with timely expert analysis on the current state of IP litigation, and the significant impacts that this legislation will have on trade secret jurisprudence in the future. Authored by Wolters Kluwer IP law experts, Cheryl A. Beise, J.D., and Thomas A. Long, J.D., the white paper also highlights key differences between the DTSA and state Uniform Trade Secrets Acts.

“The DTSA has been touted as the most significant development in IP law in decades,” said Cheryl A. Beise, J.D. “As many DTSA cases are in the initial stages of litigation, this paper seeks to highlight the impacts of the legislation as well as recent decisions around IP law.”

The paper features key insights from Wolters Kluwer's experts, including:

  • A review of recent court opinions relating to the following issues arising under the DTSA:
    • Misappropriation
    • Inevitable disclosure doctrine
    • Continuing misappropriation
    • Ex parte seizure and other remedies
    • Whistleblower immunity
  • Recent Supreme Court decisions impacting patent law, including TC Heartland and Impression Products
  • Recent Supreme Court decisions impacting copyright law, including Star Athletica
  • What's ahead for trade secrets, patent, and copyright law

“The passage of the DTSA created a federal, private civil cause of action for the misappropriation of trade secrets,” said Michelle Virzi, Product Manager at Wolters Kluwer. “As the effects of the DTSA on trade secret jurisprudence continue to expand, it is crucial that IP professionals fully understand this legislation and its implications for IP law going forward.”

Download a copy of ”Hot Topics in IP: Litigation under the DTSA and recent Supreme Court decisions“ to get more details about the recent trends in IP law.

Wolters Kluwer's experts will review recent court opinions and discuss what is ahead for trade secrets, patent and copyright law during a webinar entitled ”Hot Topics in IP: Litigation under the DTSA and recent Supreme Court decisions“, taking place on Wednesday, October 11 at 2 pm EST. Wolters Kluwer Legal & Regulatory U.S. will present this webinar, and will seek .5 CLE Credits in any state from which webinar registrants apply.

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