CorporateMay 31, 2022

Wolters Kluwer celebrates Asian Pacific American Heritage Month: Christie Wang

May is Asian Pacific American Heritage Month and the 2022 theme is Advancing Leaders Through Collaboration. Wolters Kluwer spotlighted the careers and stories of several of our Asian and Pacific Islander leaders whose contributions have inspired our growth story and culture of innovation. 

Christie Wang, Vice President and Managing Director for Wolters Kluwer Global Growth Markets, leads a diversified business portfolio in China. Wolters Kluwer’s Global Growth Markets division is focused on accelerating our company's footprint in key high-growth regions, particularly China, India, and Brazil. The group works across Health, Tax & Accounting, Legal & Regulatory, and Global Risk & Compliance to leverage our digital investments, tailor products to local needs, and establish a long-term presence in these fast-growing geographies. 

Bringing value to customers by focusing on their needs and insights inspires Christie. The commitment to translating UpToDate for the Chinese market, which involved nearly 5,000 Chinese physicians to review and ensure quality, is a great example. Most Chinese doctors in large hospitals see 60-80 patients a day and can now leverage UpToDate in their native language to save people’s life and change treatment outcomes. 

Christie is also proud that Wolters Kluwer invests in talent and provides a lot of opportunities. Over the past 12 years with the company, Christie has held a variety of roles and collaborated with colleagues across divisions and cultures. Christie never felt her career opportunities were limited by being female, she has focused on learning how to create value for our customers. 

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Christie advises others looking to advance their careers to be curious, especially about things that can deliver customer value and make life better. To fellow leaders, she suggests “Build a strong team full of innovative spirit. Guide the team not to only do the current work well, but always think about future needs and growth opportunities.” 
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