Six ways to lower your compliance risk

  1. Monitor your content at the Federal, State and Local Levels.
  2. Continuously monitor your content
  3. Use a provider that warranties your content
  4. Budget for at least two change notice events per year
  5. Use consistent content no matter the placement
  6. Do not create your own content

Benefits of DIDS

  • One low price for unlimited rights to warranted deposit disclosure language in a variety of mediums (online, electronic, paper)
  • Consistent, warrantied, and universal disclosure language
  • Multiple technology formats available
  • 60% WKFS print discount
  • Tailored and static content included
  • Unlimited change notices
  • Compliance editor guidance in developing text for deposit disclosures
  • Access to IRA amendments (A huge win with the upcoming new 5305!)
  • A full and complete library of Deposit and IRA content

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