Frequently asked questions

  • What exactly am I paying for with the boat registration renewal?
    A boat must have a valid registration or documentation in order to be legally operated. According to our records, your boat registration has expired. When a boat is registered with the State of Delaware Division of Fish and Wildlife, it is registered for a specific period of time. The registration always expires on December 31st of the expiration year. At the end of that period, it needs to be renewed, for either 1 year or 3 years. The renewal fee is based on the length of the boat and the renewal term.
  • But I just paid your office in January. Doesn't that include the boat registration?
    The fee due by January 15 each year covers our registered agent fee to serve as the Delaware registered agent for your LLC. Delaware law requires the company to have a registered agent in this state. The registered agent is primarily responsible for accepting and forwarding legal service of process and official mail from the Delaware Secretary of State (i.e. franchise tax notice). This fee is does not cover any boat or plane registration, mail forwarding, or transactional work you hire our firm to optionally perform.
  • I pay an annual fee to the State of Delaware Division of Corporations every year by March 1st (for corporations) or by June 1st (for LLCs). Doesn't that include the boat registration fee?
    No, the Annual State of Delaware tax, for either corporations or LLCs, is a tax assessed by the State of Delaware Division of Corporations solely on the company, regardless of assets held or business conducted. It has nothing to do with your Delaware boat registration.
Pay Your Boat Registration Fee
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