Brenna has become the Annual Report guru in her department. And as unusual as her name is, Brenna has a stepdaughter with the same name. She is also a gymnastics judge. Brenna is known for:

  • Having obtained an MBA with an emphasis in management
  • Her strong overall knowledge of Annual Report requirements throughout the U.S.
  • Aiding in the distribution of Service of Process documents in a timely manner

Brenna Recommends

Checking out your online account with BizFilings. You can:

  • Track your status
  • Manage payments
  • View documents we have on file, such as filing documents and legal documents received
  • Update your address
  • Download templates like Operating Agreements, Bylaws and Resolutions

I was once told by a Regional Manager for a major retailer, "You will change your mind about majoring in business." Well, here I am with an MBA and working for a company that forms businesses. I guess I proved him wrong.

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