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Tax & AccountingMarch 24, 2023

Understanding sales and use tax

This guide is meant for anyone whose business must collect sales and use taxes to better understand how the overall process works, and why it’s so important that we all participate conscientiously to ensure proper taxes are charged, collected, and paid.

Whether as a business person or a consumer, everyone is involved with sales and use taxes. As consumers, we pay them on many of the purchases we make. As business people, we collect them on behalf of several tax authorities and then remit them periodically. 

In this guide, we’ll discuss the sales and use tax issues that affect your business on a daily basis. We’ll also look at the changing landscape of out-of-area or interstate sales, which is essential to any rapidly growing number of sellers serving customers in areas other than their own. The rules have changed recently, and they’ve changed significantly. You must understand how to manage this properly to avoid paying non-compliance fines and penalties, which can become substantial. We’ll also discuss typical audit issues and help you understand what auditors look at so you can better prepare.

Learn more by downloading the complete guide. 
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