HealthDecember 22, 2020

Virtual Meeting Solutions – Preparing for 2021: A webinar

2021 is here and there is a lot to consider. Should you go full virtual, hybrid, or attempt an in-person meeting? Learn from others like you and the experts like us.

In this webinar: We’ve put together a Virtual Meeting Solutions webinar to discuss what some of our society partners did to convert their in-person meetings to virtual experiences in 2020 and how they are preparing for, and executing in 2021. The featured panel of speakers includes: Carolyn Develen, Chief Operating Officer, The North American Menopause Society; Kathy Flood, Chief Executive Officer of The American Society of Nuclear Cardiology; Theresa Steltzer, Senior Director, Publishing and Conferences, Wolters Kluwer; and moderated by Jim Gilden, Business Development Director for Wolters Kluwer.

Download the full webinar recording

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