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The Firecracker MCAT study plan

MCAT season is here, and Firecracker’s got you covered! Our experienced team of content editors has crafted the most efficient MCAT study plan you’ll find this summer. From biology to physics, general to organic chemistry, Firecracker editors have critically selected the absolute musts for MCAT-prep. With their valuable suggestions of high-yield topics to review on Firecracker, you won’t be waisting a minute in your quest to crush the MCAT!

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Once you’re in, just flag our editors’ recommended topics and follow your Firecracker study plan to solidify the foundation of knowledge you need to get the MCAT score you deserve.

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For pre-medical students who are tired of forgetting what you learn, our product is a web and mobile review app that tracks your progress and makes sure you will remember everything. Just as Netflix recommends movies based on your preferences and viewing history, Firecracker structures your review schedule based on your changing strengths and weaknesses. We have combined proven neuroscience, data-drive technology, and world-class content into a fun and motivating user experience to help you crush the MCAT.

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–The Firecracker Team


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