CorporateNovember 01, 2018

The best-performing CEOs in the world 2018

Nancy McKinstry included in HBR the best-performing CEOs in the world for 2018.

In turbulent times, steadiness and stability can be significant virtues. These qualities are evident in the 100 men and women who’ve achieved a spot in HBR’s 2018 ranking of the world’s top-performing CEOs. They face an array of outside forces—savvy competitors, demanding customers, profit-hungry investors, political and economic headwinds. Nonetheless, their companies have shown a remarkable ability to sustain momentum: Seventy of the 100 leaders in last year’s ranking performed well enough to achieve the distinction again this year.

The paucity of women in the ranking says nothing about men’s performance as CEOs versus that of women; rather, it’s the result of very low female representation among the CEOs of global S&P 1200 companies, the universe from which our ranking is drawn.)

Although year-to-year shifts in our rankings aren’t dramatic, examining the rankings over longer stretches illustrates the challenge of sustaining world-beating performance.

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