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The best anatomy flashcard study plan

Firecracker is the ultimate coursework companion for med school. Students who used Firecracker alongside their classes crushed USMLE Step 1 in 2014 with an average score of 245. There’s no better way to learn faster and remember everything you need for classes, clerkships, and standardized exams.

For M1s starting med school this fall, we’ve highlighted the essential topics to review while taking 1st year Anatomy. Starting Firecracker as an M1 is the best way to maximize your performance down the road—students who used Firecracker for more than a year averaged a 250 on Step 1 in 2014.

Get crackin’ on these high-yield Anatomy topics for NBMEs, USMLE, and COMLEX as you learn them in class this fall, and see for yourself why Firecracker is the proven way to study smarter, not harder.

Essentials for NBMEs

High-yield for USMLE/COMLEX


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