Petrochemical worker controlling process of crude oil production inside oil and gas refinery plant.
ComplianceESGMay 12, 2022

How Suncor Began its Digital Transformation Journey with Digital Control of Work

What's Inside

Driven by best-in-class health and safety standards, Suncor is committed to transforming its operations across its diverse set of business units. A cornerstone of Suncor’s health and safety initiatives was optimizing Control of Work across its operations, including permit-to-work, hot work, and isolation management/LOTO.  

Suncor selected Enablon Control of Work to improve on these critical processes as it undergoes its digital transformation. Standardizing Control of Work was an important step in meeting high health and safety standards, boosting efficiency and, for frontline workers, improving access to information directly in the field.

There’s huge value for our frontline operators, maintainers and engineers in not having to worry about how to access 20 different applications. The fact that a user can go into one product and do everything is a huge advantage for us.
Michael Arns, Product Owner, Control of Work at Suncor

The Company 

Suncor is an integrated energy company, comprising upstream, midstream, and downstream businesses that operate internationally, with a retail business that serves communities across Canada under the Petro-Canada brand.  

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