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ComplianceFinanceJanuary 15, 2021

Seamlessly title and register specialty vehicles

Title and registration of specialty vehicles presents unique challenges. The jurisdictional authority may be the DMV, or in some states can be a Department of Natural Resources or Parks & Recreation. Fees can be seasonal vs. yearly. Boat titling is dependent on boat length and boat trailers on unladen weight. There are varying requirements, forms, and fees. 

Our customers trust us with perfecting their consumer and commercial vehicle liens. With many lenders managing increased originations and new responsibilities, often from home offices, the potential for errors or loss of perfection rises.

Lien Solutions can support many vehicle types including:

  • Recreational vehicles (RVs): Campers, motor homes, and travel trailers
  • Boats: Vessels, jet skis, saltwater fishing boats, yachts, Class A, Classes 1-4 boats, houseboats, paddle boats, pontoons, motorboats, personal watercraft, and more
  • Powersport vehicles: ATVs, snowmobiles, motorcycles, dirt bikes, mopeds, and more
  • Handicapped equipped vehicles: Vehicles for hire, vehicles with disability plates for nursing homes, agencies
  • Commercial vehicles: Buses, semi-trucks, cranes, box trucks, and more
  • Consumer trailer: Non-commercial boat trailers, motorcycle trailer, and more

No matter the asset we have you covered: 

  • Quick and accurate fees and estimates
  • Teams 100% dedicated to motor vehicle transactions
  • Jurisdictional expertise for specialty assets
  • Coverage in all 50 states
  • Support for origination volume surges 

Wherever your lending business goes, we'll be there for you. 

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