HealthJuly 19, 2021

Set it and forget it? Time to rethink patient education

When it comes to patient education, the hospital C-suite often deplores the same pain points that needlessly burden clinicians, confuse patients, and take time away from direct care. Dealing with the consequences of COVID-19 will take years, and no one can afford these inefficiencies.

Every patient is unique, with their communication preferences and learning styles. Yet patient education is still often provided one-on-one by clinicians and through written materials that do not accommodate for this diversity and flexibility. What's more, educational resources are often composed of ad hoc collections that rarely include professional videos because they are costly.

Yet research is clear:

  • people understand and learn better visually, and when they feel connected and engaged
  • inefficient workflows cause an undue burden on nurses and doctors and are costly

With operations resuming and resources being shifted, it's time to revisit patient education and plan anew for whole-person care.

In our new white paper, we explore how to plan patient education based on the needs of the population served and how to make work -and life- easier and more fulfilling for care teams with integrated and smart workflows.

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