HealthSeptember 29, 2020

Reducing the impact of COVID-19 on healthcare workers vulnerable to substance abuse and drug diversion

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, healthcare workers fought physical exhaustion, anxiety due to isolation from families, stress from the long hours, and the feeling of helplessness as patients pass away without family or friends to ease their suffering.

Pandemics like COVID-19 create a terrifying situation for healthcare workers who are overworked, mentally exhausted, and within arm’s reach of a dizzying array of prescription medications that can ease short-term pain but create a nightmare of potential abuse.

Watch this webinar featuring Mike York, Drug Diversion Specialist, Piedmont Athens Regional Medical Center, on how hospitals help their front-line workers not fall victim to drug abuse and potential illegal drug diversion, during stressful conditions like COVID-19 created for healthcare workers.

This webinar will highlight innovative ways to

  • Decrease the time between diversion incidents and their discovery to minimize risks to staff and patients.
  • Focus on finding the true drug diversion incidents using machine learning/artificial intelligence and advanced analytics so they can be resolved quickly, minimizing stress for staff and reducing the risk of patient injury.
  • Leverage existing data to verify results and customize programs for your health system.

Watch the webinar to learn more

Reducing the Impact of COVID-19 on Healthcare Workers Vulnerable to Substance Abuse & Drug Diversion
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This webinar was hosted by Invistics. Invistics was acquired by Wolters Kluwer in 2023. 
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