ComplianceApril 20, 2022

On-demand webinar: Managing business licensing compliance

Licensing requirements for entities at local, state, and federal levels continue to increase and expand in number and scope. Understanding what creates a licensing obligation and how to determine which entities may be subject to those obligations becomes the cornerstone of proper business license management.

These subjects in addition to understanding the risk of non-compliance and reviewing specific fact-sets where business license non-compliance has resulted in legal action will provide attendees with a full picture of the importance of business license management.

Attendees will learn about the:

  • link between business events and business license requirements
  • impact of increasing business license enforcement
  • right processes to manage business license compliance

Who should join:

  • Attorneys and paralegals in law firms, who handle business license compliance
  • In-house counsel and paralegals responsible for corporate compliance and governance
Your expert guides:
Lydia Duynstee, Transactional Business Consultant
Transactional Business Consultant
Lydia is a Transactional Business Consultant for CT’s West Coast law firm and corporate clients. She helps develop strategies and solutions for corporate compliance issues arising in finance, M&A, real estate deals, and corporate reorganizations.
Photo of Hans Howk
Manager, Content Management
Hans provides internal support to key members of the Business Licensing Team, assisting with understanding industry nuances, searching and synthesizing statutes and regulations relating to business law.
John Randazzo, Business Consultant
Business Consultant
John has been consulting with corporations and law firms on corporate legal transactions and business entity compliance since joining CT Corporation in 1994.
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