ComplianceFebruary 13, 2024

On-demand webinar: Managing business licensing compliance

Please note that the webinar you’re viewing was previously recorded on February 13, 2024. CT Corporation is only an accredited provider in CA, IL, NY and PA for live webinars. As a result by watching this webinar, CLE credit will not be granted.

Business License compliance is a vital aspect of establishing and operating a business anywhere in the United States. However, attorneys and legal professionals who assist businesses with this important task often face complex licensing challenges.

Join this webinar to manage this process more effectively, ensuring your clients remain compliant with local, state, and federal licensing requirements. Learn about the lifecycle of business licensing compliance from initial filing through renewal and ultimate termination.

Attendees will also learn how to identify business licensing compliance gaps and how to complete an organizational risk assessment that considers expansion into new locations and changes in business activities. The discussion will conclude with case studies involving the possible legal implications of noncompliance.

Your expert guides:
Robert McHugh
Global Sales Support Manager
Robert is a Global Sales Support Manager at CT Corporation with extensive experience in international corporate compliance and governance.
Devlin Fisher, Global Sales Support Manager
Global Sales Support Manager
Devlin is the Global Sales Support Manager at CT Corporation. He consults with CT Corporation’s global law firm and corporate customers on matters related to global compliance.
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