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ComplianceNovember 02, 2020

Webinar Reference Book: Mergers - A Primer

Merger activity continually changes, whether it is the number of mergers per year, the reasons for entering into a merger, or the structure of the various transactions. However, through all of these changes, there is one aspect that remains consistent: the multi-faceted steps that are involved in completing a merger. A staggering number of details must be attended to, both before and after the decision is made to move forward with the transaction.

Prior to deciding to enter into a merger, the constituents engage in a process called due diligence, where the parties decide whether they want to enter the merger.

Once the decision has been made to enter the merger, another complicated process begins – planning and completing the filings that will make the transaction legally binding, and will ensure the records in the state business entity filing offices accurately reflect all the changes to the companies caused by the transaction.

The actual process of completing a merger transaction can be cumbersome – there are so many steps that need to be taken before, during, and after the effective date of the merger. There are also tricky timing issues involved in many of those steps. Adding to the difficulty is that, unless all of the constituents are of the same entity type and from the same domestic state, the merger will have to be effected by complying with at least two merger statutes.

This webinar reference book combs through all necessary information needed to gain a solid understanding of mergers, along with the steps involved in the transaction process and the possible issues that can arise along the way. Specifically, you will learn about the different types of mergers, conversions and other transactions, pre-transaction planning issues, and post-transaction filing issues. This guide will help to establish a knowledgeable foundation to begin the merger process.

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Webinar Reference Book: Mergers - A Primer

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