LegalMay 12, 2020

Master Section 199A with expert guidance from leading practitioners, plus emerging guidance on COVID-19

A webinar on how to Maximize Deductions under IRC Code Section 199A featuring John Cunningham, plus insights from Tax Essentials and the Tax Reporters Plus Suite.

In Maximizing Deductions under Internal Revenue Code Section 199A: A Practice Manual, author John Cunningham provides clear, practical, and comprehensive guidance to pass-through business owners and their professional advisers on how to compute section 199A deductions and on how to structure start-up businesses and to restructure existing ones to maximize these deductions. During this complimentary webinar, John will summarize the key ideas in his book.

In light of COVID-19 and its profound impact on Federal and State tax laws and regulations, Wolters Kluwer is providing ongoing, comprehensive coverage through its COVID-19 Tax Resource Center and Tax Essentials. Through Tax Essentials, attorneys can quickly glean actionable insights on challenging tax topics. Tax Essentials weaves together primary and secondary content, expert content, and tools with technology in intuitive ways that provide expanded guidance and faster answers to critical questions.

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