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ComplianceMarch 30, 2023

Compliance smart chart: State-by-state requirements for voluntary withdrawal of foreign corporations and LLCs

When a corporation or LLC does business in a state other than its state of formation (known as a foreign state), it is required to register or qualify to do business in that state. When it stops doing business in a state in which it had qualified, it can withdraw from that state.

Although withdrawal is not required, it is to the benefit of the corporation or LLC to do so. Until it formally withdraws, a corporation or LLC remains subject to the foreign state’s annual report, franchise tax, and other compliance obligations. If it fails to comply, it will be subject to monetary penalties which the states can seek to collect.

Voluntary withdrawal smart chart image
Corporation Compliance Smart Chart
State-by-State Requirements for Voluntary Withdrawal of Foreign Corporations and LLCs

Furthermore, the delinquent status of the corporation or LLC will be listed on the state’s public records. By withdrawing, the corporation or LLC will be removed from the state’s records and will no longer be subject to the compliance requirements of the state’s corporation or LLC statute.

Check out this chart to learn more about what documents need to be filed to withdraw from a state.

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If you’ve stopped doing business in a state, CT Corporation can help you dissolve or withdraw your corporation or LLC properly and in compliance with state laws and local jurisdiction requirements. We provide business entity dissolution and withdrawal services for all 50 states and the District of Columbia. Contact CT Corporation today.

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