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Lendlease scales new EHS heights with mobility

Learn how Lendlease has achieved dramatic safety improvements in only a few months, by leveraging Enablon’s integrated EHS platform and its mobile technologies to empower employees in the field and drive a safety culture, saving over 30 minutes per foreman per day, 6 days a week over 400 sites.

Enablon Applications

Risk Management Software, Compliance Management, Action Plan Management Software

The Company

  • US$9 Bn (2015) multinational construction, infrastructure and Real Estate company.
  • Market leader in creating sustainable buildings and infrastructure.
  • First Australian property company to be included in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index
  • Operates in 10 countries around the world
  • HQ in Sydney, Australia
  • Approximately 12,000 employees internationally
  • Over 10,000 (2012) completed projects across the world: The Sydney Opera House, the Sydney and London Olympic Villages, and the 9/11 Memorial in New York City are all Lendlease projects.


Construction & Real-Estate

The Challenge

Lendlease pursues its mission of ‘creating the best places’ by putting safety first and delivering innovative and efficient solutions which provide long term sustainable outcomes for a range of stakeholders. The company is committed to operating incident & injury free wherever the Group has a presence, while fostering a continuous improvement process.

To achieve its vision, Lendlease acknowledges the critical importance of providing its people with the right tools in order to deliver safe outcomes via a robust safety management system. Before deploying Enablon, Lendlease relied on an in-house developed software solution mainly used to capture incidents, observations and internal compliance. This solution, which was ageing and required the use of supplementary tools, could no longer keep up with the increasingly demanding needs of a growing global business. In this context, Lendlease was looking to simplify EHS and risk processes, facilitate information flows, eliminate double-reporting and disparate systems, establish a standard solution, and overall drive a safety culture across the group by empowering employees and contractors.

The Solution

The Lendlease and Enablon teams set the groundwork for a strong, flexible and interactive relationship in order to strengthen the group’s global EH&S program and deploy a cost-efficient, scalable, and integrated EH&S and risk management platform. Empowering Lendlease’s employees through mobile technology, in particular, was established as a key requirement from the start.

One of the first tasks carried out involved creating a common ‘Charter’: an agreement establishing a set of rules that would govern the process and steer the relationship throughout Lendlease and Enablon’s journey. This served as a basis to establish a constructive and sustained relationship, based on the twin pillars of communication and collaboration.

Enablon’s software solutions were initially deployed to support core risk management processes such as risk assessments, continuous monitoring, and independent reviews or audits. Today, Enablon is one of only three systems at Lendlease to reach all business units globally, with SAP and Oracle.

Lendlease also leverages a full Enablon platform to manage key EH&S aspects, including incidents, observations and internal compliance management. The solution facilitates EH&S reporting across approximately 1,000 sites around the world, covering development, construction and infrastructure projects, and a wide range of assets (from retirement homes to retail centers).

With a strong emphasis on mobility at the service of safety, Lendlease leverages the full suite of Enablon Go mobile applications: Go Safety, Go Audit and Go Inspection, which have been key in modernizing and strengthening Lendlease’s safety strategy. These native applications, which are designed to facilitate user adoption and reporting, allow users to easily perform tasks and access information from anywhere, at anytime. Enablon Go mobile applications are used by more than one in four employees across the company, and this number is rapidly increasing.

Enablon products are flexible enough that you can configure them to match your business processes and procedures rather than the other way around. Having a solution with flexibility allows for greater growth of our business, especially for the long term.
David Rose, Group EH&S Technology Systems Manager, Lendlease

The results

The safety benefits experienced by Lendlease after deploying the Enablon platform and Enablon Go mobile applications have been tremendous.

For the month of September 2016 for instance, Lendlease experienced a 408% increase in terms of observations compared to the same period in 2015, when Enablon Go mobile apps were not yet deployed. For the same month, 74% of all observations came in through mobile applications. The apps have also allowed users to increase the overall amount of observations they can conduct. A record 10,700 observations were logged throughout September 2016. These numbers, however, change every day as Lendlease continues to roll out Enablon Go mobile applications to new users.

Rolling out a fully integrated, enterprise-class platform with analytical and forecasting capabilities has also helped Lendlease to drill down into the data that matters and leverage it to make better and more targeted decisions, for example, by extracting it and combining it with other business data in their organisation’s predictive analytics model in order to prevent serious incidents. Integrating Enablon data with financial data and other pools of health & safety data also enables the company to gain visibility on key risks to be addressed, and on areas where time and resources must be prioritized.

We saw a productive benefit. By saving 30 minutes per foreman per day, 6 days a week over 400 construction sites in Lendlease, we were able to reallocate a huge amount of time to focus on Safety in the field. And in terms of risk reduction, it is a step-by-step awareness of critical risks.
David Rose, Group EH&S Technology Systems Manager, Lendlease

Looking Forward

With a global workforce of 12,000 strong and 36,000 subcontractors, Lendlease is aware of the full potential impact of Enablon’s mobile-ready EH&S and risk applications to minimize risks and optimally manage incidents. David Rose comments: “What we want to do is roll out inspections to all employees”, adding: “Our future vision involves deploying additional mobile applications for on-site people, especially for risk management. We also want to leverage the value in the apps that Enablon already has. For us that’s the happiness factor for those people working on site.”

The notion of empowering employees through mobility will also continue to be central to Lendlease’s EH&S and risk strategies. As David explains, challenging the traditional top-down health and safety approach means giving back to employees “the ability to make decisions and contribute to reducing health and safety risks. We give them the framework, but they deliver it and roll it out.”

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