LegalOctober 14, 2021

Law of Raw Data: What a lawyer needs to know

In the 15th International Law Talk podcast episode Christian Czychowski and Jan Bernd Nordemann, both partners at Nordemann, a German IP Law Firm, discuss Law of Raw Data and inform lawyers about what they need to know.

Recently their new book Law of Raw Data was published at Wolters Kluwer, as part of the AIPPI Law Series. It provides an overview over 'Law of raw data' and the legal concepts in many jurisdictions around the world, including 30 countries worldwide. During their conversation they state that data is everywhere, and that there are not only factual problems but also legal questions. They come up with example cases and also they discuss conflict of laws issues. 

Listen to the discussion

This podcast episode is part of International Law Talk. Wolters Kluwer will bring you insightful analysis, commentary and discussion from thought leaders and experts on current topics in the field of International Arbitration, IP Law, International Tax Law, Competition Law and other international legal fields.
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