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LegalSeptember 08, 2023

Join us! Get inspired to navigate beyond the obstacles in your way.

This post is the first in our series on the sessions we will offer at the 2023 ELM Amplify user conference from October 24 - 26 in Bonita Springs, Florida.

For the theme of this year’s Amplify conference, “Navigate Boldly,” there could be no more fitting representative than our keynote presenter, Neal Petersen. Neal is a South African solo racing yachtsman and history-making extreme adventurer who knows personally how important it can be to blaze one’s own path. In his life, Neal has completed two amazing voyages:

  • A single-handed, 27,000-mile, 9-month yacht race around the world, alone in a very small yacht that he designed and built himself with very little funding
  • An even more arduous personal journey to overcome racial prejudice, poverty, and a childhood physical disability during the apartheid era in South Africa

His unique experience gives Neal a singular perspective on common obstacles and barriers like those we regularly encounter in the field of legal operations, such as change management, cost containment, and relationship building. We’re confident that Neal’s story can inspire you to boldly navigate the everyday challenges you face, build your own treasure chest of hope, and carry it toward future success!

Neal’s fascinating keynote is just one of the many excellent reasons to join us for ELM Amplify 2023. You can read more about the benefits of attending in our recent post: The top 10 reasons you should be at ELM Amplify 2023.

Visit the ELM Amplify 2023 website to register and learn more about the conference, including details on the agenda and the event FAQs. You can also watch a brief video introduction from Neal. With free training, panel discussions, roundtables, and thought leadership from legal ops experts, Amplify will be a fun and enriching event with abundant opportunities for learning and networking.

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