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Tax & AccountingOctober 19, 2021

Jasmine Dabbs Creates Profitable Businesses with TaxWise® Online

Jasmine Dabbs, CEO and Owner of Wizard Tax, launched from preparing taxes under someone to providing support to other tax preparers in a single weekend.

You need to do everything in your power to make sure your business is in good order for your employees and your clients.
Jasmine Dabbs, President, Wizard Tax Software, LLC

It happened when her mentor ran off, and Dabbs stepped up to keep everyone in business.

Sometimes you find your purpose on accident, and that was the case,” she explains. “We had trained people, and they had nowhere to go. Within a weekend, my team and I found four retail locations. That’s how it started. We went from there. We learned a lot by trial and error.

Eight years later, she has grown and developed into a compassionate, valuable mentor to her immediate staff and the 18 offices she supports. Jasmine is passionate about helping these partner tax offices with their development both as individual tax preparers and business owners.

Making It Profitable for Everyone

Dabbs ensures that tax preparers and owners get extensive software training in one of two different training modules, one for preparers and one for owners. She helps her preparers get licensed to sell insurance and offer bookkeeping and other services (if they wish to extend their business for the full year), and she can help them with setting up their bank products (refund transfers) through TaxWise.

TaxWise Online cuts the time it takes to complete a tax return in half, and that time quickly adds up over hundreds of returns.
Jasmine Dabbs, President, Wizard Tax Software, LLC

      Saving Time with TaxWise® Online

Dabbs says that TaxWise Online cuts the time it takes to prepare a tax return in half. With the taxpayer mobile interview, taxpayer clients can take a picture of their documents or upload them, and those documents are then imported into the tax return in TaxWise Online. That time quickly adds up over hundreds of returns, both for her offices and the preparers she mentors.

Other benefits of being in the cloud include not having to shred old paperwork. For instance, it can take a week for an admin assistant to shred a year or two of old tax returns. With TaxWise, the software can be set by the tax professional to automatically store all digital files only for the length necessary by law.

She adds, “You don’t have to worry about the whereabouts of a tax return. It’s all there, with their signature, in e-sign and the Client Portal.

It benefits taxpayer clients; they can access their documents and previous tax returns at their convenience in the secure portal at anytime, which saves valuable time for tax preparers as well.

Future Aspirations

Jasmine will continue to grow her own business, while helping other people launch profitable tax preparation businesses themselves.

“I will most likely fade out of preparing tax returns so I can spend the majority of my time helping tax offices grow in the tax industry. I like that better. And I love making training materials,” Dabbs says.

We invite you to explore the benefits of running a Virtual Tax Office with TaxWise Online, and start accessing your tax business anywhere, anytime, and from any device.


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