HealthMay 03, 2015

Improved HEDIS measures at Summa Health System and University Hospitals in Ohio

The Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set (HEDIS) is a tool used to measure performance of healthcare organizations and the quality of care and services they provide.

The National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) ranks organizations based on their scores, and rankings are intended to help consumers make comparisons and informed decisions about where to seek care and purchase insurance coverage. Therefore, HEDIS scores help healthcare payers and providers stand out from competition and attract new business.

Helping diabetic patients prevent retinopathy at Summa Health System


Summa Health System in Akron, Ohio sought to provide cost effective, high-quality outreach to manage the health of its populations when outside the clinical setting. They utilized EmmiPrevent® interactive call campaigns to target diabetic patients and inquire whether they completed an eye exam for diabetic retinopathy. Of those, 289 diabetic patients were identified as having a “care opportunity,” meaning they were due for an eye exam or their records were not up to date. Emmi made calls to these patients over a six-week period and, after the call campaign, the impact of these calls on Summa Health’s HEDIS measure percentile ranking was measured.

The result

After six weeks, EmmiPrevent identified that 43% of patients reached had an eye exam and the calls provided instructions on how to send their results to Summa. Of those, 23% took action and updated their eye exam records. Due to this brief outreach, Summa Health System improved its HEDIS1 measure percentile ranking by 13%.

Reminding patients to schedule colorectal cancer screenings at University Hospitals


University Hospitals (UH) in Cleveland wanted to efficiently reach members of their patient population who had not had a colorectal cancer screening and make it easy for them to schedule an appointment. They implemented a series of EmmiPrevent® call campaigns and then measured the impact on increasing the HEDIS measure for Colorectal Cancer Screenings.

The result

Emmi contributed to UH’s 13% HEDIS2 improvement over a five month time frame (February 2013-June 2013) increasing the score from 46% to 52%. Additionally, the campaign resulted in improved healthcare for patients and revenue for providers without overextending staff.

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  1. HEDIS measure for “had an eye exam for diabetic retinopathy”
  2. HEDIS measure for “had a colorectal cancer screening”

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