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Tax & AccountingSeptember 18, 2023

Case study: How tax technology contributes to becoming an employer of choice

With ongoing staffing challenges across the tax and accounting profession, firms that want to add staff will have to develop strategies and policies to stand out and become an employer of choice. A number of factors contribute to a firm culture that attracts top staff, and technology is just one. However, investing in the right technology can demonstrate to potential staff that a firm is committed to excellence and can provide the resources to support its staff. 

Tronconi Segarra & Associates is a full-service firm with offices in New York state. Lisa Mrkall, a Principal at the firm, recently discussed the firm’s experience using CCH Axcess Tax and other CCH technology to make working for the firm easier for everyone.

Even before the pandemic, the firm’s leadership saw the value of moving to the cloud. According to Mrkall, “This was definitely an ideal situation for us to move to the cloud for a variety of reasons. We have multiple offices, with multiple people working from all over. So this was this was a huge priority for us and a huge technology initiative.”

She continues, “We're very fortunate to have partners that invest heavily in technology. So when we demonstrated what benefits the cloud would bring to our firm, they were very, very much willing to invest in that… It's been really rewarding and enjoyable to be part of it, just seeing what efficiencies  they bring to the office and easier, more usable work methods for everyone.”

Why did your firm move to the cloud?
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Greater efficiency improves staff engagement

Less experienced staff need to learn the ins and outs of the job, but the work that often gets delegated to junior employees is not always rewarding or even educational. By automating some of the most time-consuming processes in the digital tax workflow, the firm has established an environment in which the staff can thrive. 

Mrkall explains, “The more we automate and save time, the more that we can take the time to look at our staff and what it is that they like to do and give them the opportunity to perform the type of work that they really are good at and are passionate about.” 

How does greater efficiency affect staff engagement?
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Quantifying the time savings of a digital tax workflow

Justifying a technology investment is easier when firms can quantify the time savings achieved. Although calculating a return on investment is not always clear-cut, Tronconi Segarra was able to quantify the time savings they achieved by digitizing their tax workflows.

“To quantify that,” says Mrkall, “I would say without having our scan-validate-autoflow process, I think that we would be training a lot more people across the board to do that, including administrative staff. So I have to think we're saving at least 15 minutes per return in terms of a typical 1040 return that has about the same average number of documents per file.” 

How much time are you saving because of your digital tax workflow?
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The importance of automation

Automation doesn’t just save time in the firm. It provides more rewarding work for staff, allowing even the most junior staff members to add value to the process.

Mrkall says, “Automation is huge for us, because we have staffing shortages, just like a lot of other firms. So anything, we can automate and create little pockets of time here and there certainly translates to a little bit more availability for our staff and our associates in our tax and small business departments.”  

She continues, “We really just try to keep the whole process streamlined by using scan-validate-autoflow. When very simple returns, for example, get to our preparers, there's very little that they need to do. They become almost an entry level reviewer at that point, which is exactly the direction that we would like to head.  It is more meaningful work for our staff. Even our younger first or second year staff, find ways to add more value to the process than just checking numbers from forms and things like that.” 

Why is automation important to your firm?
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Becoming an employer of choice takes a lot of strategy and careful execution. Technology is only one component of a successful firm, but CCH Axcess can help firms set the stage to attract the best and brightest talent available.
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Aimee Hall is a product marketing manager for Wolters Kluwer Tax and Accounting US, focusing on the professional market. In this role, she is responsible for leading the marketing strategy for tax software products including CCH Axcess Tax, CCH ProSystem fx Tax and ATX Tax. She joined Wolters Kluwer in 2006 and lives in the Chicago suburbs.

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