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High-yield MCAT topics to review on Firecracker

For pre-meds taking the MCAT later this summer, our team of editors has assembled a list of high-yield topics to study on Firecracker. Flag and review from the topics listed below, follow your Firecracker study plan, and crush the MCAT this summer!



General Chemistry

Organic Chemistry

Nate Green, managing editor of Firecracker’s pre-medical content, offers helpful tips for studying for the MCAT:

  1. Study consistently. With larger tasks or goals it is easier to lose the sense of urgency. It is easy to feel urgency knowing we have a test in four days, however, when we have a test in four months it is much easier to be complacent and procrastinate. The key to overcoming this is consistency. One who studies consistently will be much better off than someone who crams. And you can’t cram for a big test like the MCAT.
  2. Enjoy studying for the MCAT. Take it just one topic at a time. Don’t study hungry or thirsty or tired. Make sure you are in an excellent state of mind and it will be much easier to learn and enjoy learning.
  3. Finally, remember why you are studying. I think reminding yourself of the big picture keeps the mind strong and dedicated. Envision yourself at the first day of medical school or at your white coat ceremony.


Get crackin’ on the MCAT!

–The Firecracker Team


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