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HealthSeptember 06, 2018

Sentri7: Harnessing EHR data to deliver insights into a pharmacy-tailored workflows

With Sentri7, you’re in control. Key insights are delivered via customized workflows and real-time alerting is available whenever and however you need it.

Sentri7 prioritizes patients in real-time so you can focus on care

Now more than ever, Clinical Pharmacists need to deliver quality care efficiently, increase productivity and control costs. That’s why more than 700 hospital pharmacy teams rely on Sentri7 clinical surveillance to harness their EHR data and generate meaningful patient insights to prioritize specific high-risk conditions, prevent avoidable events, and reduce the cost of care.

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Trusted real-time alerts and evidence-based guidance to ensure at-risk patients receive the right care at the right time, every time.

Sentri7's sophisticated algorithms identify at-risk patients in real-time by breaking down data silos that exist across hospitals and driving consistent clinical action. All to improve patient outcomes and hospital performance.