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FinanceFebruary 15, 2022

Gamenet group chose CCH® Tagetik for its easy configuration and to increase their autonomy

Read this blog to learn why Gamenet group chose CCH® Tagetik expert solution

Gamenet Group S.p.A. is one of the largest gaming companies operating in Italy in the sector of public games. Gamenet Group choose CCH® Tagetik for: 

  • CCH® Tagetik Budgeting & Planning 
  • CCH® Tagetik Cash Flow Planning
  • CCH® Tagetik  Collaborative Office
  • CCH® Tagetik Consolidation 
  • CCH® Tagetik Lease Accounting IFRS 16

To learn more about how CCH®  Tagetik has enabled Gamenet Group’s digital transformation, we spoke with Mauro Del Quondam, Head of IT ERP Systems, about the challenges faced before CCH® Tagetik and the benefits gained using our comprehensive CPM solution. 

What were the main data challenges you faced?  

The Gamenet company manages different markets so the big challenges in the finance department are to control the numbers and the need to access the data easily and fast, so that people can see the same data. Finance asked the IT department to give some instruments, some tools to control the data. We started with an Excel tool and in 2017 we needed to move to a CPM software to be prepared for the stock exchange.  

Why did you choose CCH Tagetik?  

We chose CCH Tagetik for two main reasons: mainly because it’s very easy to use and our idea is to have software which people can use without IT. The other reason was the simplicity of CCH Tagetik. We only have to configure the system. The three most important attributes that I want to find in a partner like CCH Tagetik are first to create a relationship, then a good exchange of information and working together as a team. They are not a vendor just selling me something. The other factor is that CCH Tagetik is very flexible and adaptable to every market - it is not only for banks or retail. CCH Tagetik changed the way we work because now we have a workflow: everyone knows when they have to act for the final results.  

What is the most important change to have taken place?  

The most important thing is the reliability of the data. The data is now stored in CCH Tagetik. I can recommend CCH Tagetik because I think it’s very easy to use, very fast to configure and has the possibility to answer all the questions, from small and simple to very complex, in the same way.

Do you want to watch the full video interview? Click here.

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