FinanceMay 30, 2023

Enhance your spreadsheets with power & automation

Experience the Excel evolution.

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Since its inception in the early 1980s, Excel has been a cornerstone in the realm of digital spreadsheet software, revolutionizing the finance industry by replacing tedious manual paper spreadsheets. 

However, as the world and corporate complexities have evolved, Excel's limitations have become increasingly apparent. 

As a financial professional, you understand the crucial need for accurate and timely financial information to make well-informed business decisions. 

Yet, relying on spreadsheets to manage your financial data can be laborious, error-prone, and exasperating. 

In this webinar, Tim Ahmad and Stefano Somma discuss the pros and cons of using Excel for budgeting and planning

Discover also how to work more efficiently without abandoning your trusted Excel environment, and learn how to "Excelerate Your Spreadsheets" by unleashing the power of automation. 


  • Tim Ahmad, Director Independent EPM Advisor
  • Stefano Somma, Senior Technology Sales Support Specialist, EMEA Indirect Channel - CCH® Tagetik , Wolters Kluwer
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