ELM Amplify user conference
LegalOctober 06, 2020

ELM Amplify: Making AI an ally, not a threat

As we approach ELM Amplify 2020, the ELM Solutions online user conference, we are highlighting a few of the informative and thought-provoking sessions that will be a part of this unique event. Keep checking back to the blog for more about what you can expect at ELM Amplify.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is here and has already delivered value and efficiency to many corporate legal and insurance claims departments. While this technology offers clear benefits, some professionals worry that it may be poised to make them less valuable to their employers or even replace them entirely.

To truly know whether AI poses a threat to your job, you need to understand both the realities and the myths about AI and its potential uses. Those who grasp this distinction are in the best position to use AI, along with the improved analysis and automation it can offer, to become advanced users of AI tools and enhance their own performance.

Join us for AI in the Legal Industry: The Replace vs. Enable Debate on October 20. This session will help you learn more about what AI offers and how you can leverage the technology for your own advancement. Instead of worrying that AI could make you obsolete, learn how to use it to become even more valuable.

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