Creating Digital Asset Certainty: Credit Risk Management for Digital Lending
ComplianceJune 20, 2022

Digital Asset Certainty: Why it matters and how to achieve it

Success in today’s digital finance industry depends on a financial institution’s assurance that digital assets are on par with or better than their paper counterparts—in terms of integrity, enforceability, and authenticity.

Wolters Kluwer’s Steve Bisbee, Senior Advisor, Applied Technologies, and founder of eOriginal, Inc., shares his perspective on Digital Asset Certainty. Read this Q&A to learn:

  • Key considerations for Digital Asset Certainty and Credit Risk Management from a classic “people, business, and technology” perspective
  • How Digital Asset Certainty minimizes unnecessary risk for financial services organizations and digital lending
  • The role of a Digital Original® – an asset that is unique, immutable, verifiable, authenticated, and distinguishable from all other copies
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Stephen Bisbee
Senior Advisor, Applied Technology, Wolters Kluwer Compliance Solutions
Wolters Kluwer’s eOriginal®
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