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Cybersecurity policy report, regulators, advocacy groups weigh privacy concerns over ChatGPT

As the use of artificial intelligence chatbot ChatGPT continues to raise concerns around the world, several regulators have weighed in on the dangers posed by the technology with respect to privacy and data protection. In addition, industry and consumer groups have asked regulators in the U.S. and European Union to consider whether the use of AI is compliant with privacy and consumer protection laws.

UK ICO issues guidance. Steven Almond, executive director–regulatory risk at the United Kingdom’s Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO), issued a news release on April 3rd in which he outlined questions that developers and users should ask before using generative AI and large language models (LLMs) such as ChatGPT.

This article written by Thomas A. Foley, Senior Legal Analyst at Wolters Kluwer Legal & Regulatory U.S. discusses the eight questions to be asked and answered prior to developing or using generative AI while using personal data according to Steven Almond.

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