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COVID-19 resources from Wolters Kluwer Health

By: Roxanna Guilford-Blake

During the COVID-19 pandemic, governments and healthcare organizations are issuing new guidance, and researchers are publishing new findings. Wolters Kluwer Health is following every development closely, monitoring the latest information and sharing it with physicians, nurses and other healthcare professionals.

As part of these efforts, we've created this roundup of COVID-19 resources to help you find — and share — the credible medical information you need.

UpToDate: Coronavirus disease 2019

An evidence-based, peer-reviewed clinical decision-support resource, UpToDate provides the most current information on COVID-19.

This is a particularly helpful resource if you need to gain a better understanding of the virus. The soup-to-nuts overview covers everything from epidemiology and virology to prevention and management. For each article, the interactive outline in the left column makes it easy to home in on a particular area of interest, and robust clickable footnotes show you abstracts of the original research.

Learn more at UpToDate.

Anesthesiology series

Anesthesiology's special series of articles on COVID-19 provides insights not only from anesthesiologists but also from pulmonologists, epidemiologists and critical care physicians. The journal is making available all unedited proofs and journal content related to COVID-19. It provides links to guidance from an array of sources, including the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the American Society of Anesthesiologists.

This material is essential reading for anesthesiologists, CRNAs and other anesthesia professionals. It's also a rich resource for anyone trying to keep up with the latest COVID-19 literature.

Read more at Anesthesiology.

AudioDigest COVID-19 updates

In a February 2020 interview, Michael Cohen, MD, MS, infectious disease specialist and assistant clinical professor of medicine at the Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA, delivers a brief overview of COVID-19. He begins with a short history of coronaviruses, putting this outbreak in a larger context. He then covers a range of issues, many of which remain relevant, such as epidemiology, clinical presentation and lab diagnosis. This AudioDigest recording will be useful for healthcare professionals who want a COVID-19 primer — especially as it relates to other coronaviruses and influenza.

AudioDigest also hosts a discussion with Martin Hsia, PsyD, on the mental health implications of COVID-19 for both healthcare professionals and the general public. From how to monitor your own well-being to how to help patients with OCD and anxiety manage heightened stress levels, this interview will help physicians address a critical aspect of the pandemic.

Listen at AudioDigest.

Ovid tools and resources for clinicians

Research platform Ovid has a site dedicated to COVID-19 resources for clinicians, medical researchers and other healthcare professionals. It includes access to the Global Infectious Diseases and Epidemiology Online Network (GIDEON), a comprehensive database of global infectious diseases. It also provides access to an array of journals, blogs and other resources.

This vast resource has something for almost every researcher, clinician or other professional dealing with COVID-19. For those who have never used Ovid before, scroll down to the bottom for tutorials.

Explore Ovid's coronavirus resources.

JPHMP direct COVID-19 podcast

In this 10-minute podcast from JPHMP Direct, Dr. Lloyd Novick, editor-in-chief of the Journal of Public Health Management and Practice and Dr. John Marr, physician, epidemiologist and infectious disease outbreak expert, discuss COVID-19 from a public health perspective. They share some sobering predictions (which are already coming to pass) and offer commonsense ways to decrease the likelihood of picking up the virus.

This podcast will be especially relevant for public health professionals and anyone who wants to learn more about the virus's impact, especially on vulnerable populations, such as the homeless.

Listen to the podcast on JPHMP Direct.

The AAN COVID-19 neurology resource center

Updated daily, the American Academy of Neurology's (AAN) COVID-19 resources page offers a variety of valuable information for neurologists. Those making a quick transition to remote care will benefit from the AAN's extensive telemedicine resources, which cover topics from basic implementation to insurance and regulations. A collection of recent publications feature insights from AAN president-elect Dr. Orly Avitzur and Dr. James J. Sejvar of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Through the resource center, neurologists can also connect to with other AAN members to discuss COVID-19.

Explore the COVID-19 Neurology Resource Center.

Lippincott nursing center: COVID-19

Lippincott NursingCenter's comprehensive, frequently updated collection of resources provides a concise background on COVID-19 and includes links to journal articles, blog posts and educational materials. It also provides links to each state's board of nursing; in light of the pandemic, many are modifying their licensure requirements and scope of practice.

This resource not only connects nurses to the latest research, recommendations and reports on COVID-19, but it also features blogs and podcasts that discuss the moral and ethical concerns nurses face during this pandemic.

Visit the Lippincott NursingCenter.

Health clarity COVID-19 resources and tools

Health Clarity's comprehensive compilation of COVID-19 tools and resources includes some of those mentioned above and many others. It features links to journal articles, current guidance and other material for the professional clinician and researcher. It also provides information that can be shared with patients and nonclinical members of the care team, including a video designed for children.

These resources and tools are valuable to anyone dealing with COVID-19 directly or indirectly, but it's especially useful if you're trying to reach a broad audience, ranging from MD/PhDs to small children.

Connect to the Health Clarity COVID-19 Resources and Tools now.

Roxanna Guilford-Blake

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