Country Guide: Singapore
ComplianceOctober 09, 2019

Country Guide: Singapore

Singapore offers myriad benefits for entrepreneurs expanding to or starting a business in the area. Ranked globally as the second easiest place to do business, Singapore’s attractiveness is credited to a sound legal framework, top infrastructure, competitive workforce, and economic stability. Plus, Singapore’s financial system is highly integrated with international markets and serves as an important regional hub.

Although capital market growth has slowed recently, Singapore continues to have deep capital markets and is still a major player in the region. As such, investing in Singapore remains an advantageous move for many business owners. And those doing business in Singapore enjoy its progressive tax policy, including a single-tier system, low corporate rate, tax exemption scheme, and more.

If you’re thinking about doing business in Singapore, there are a variety of aspects to consider. The incorporation process can take up to five days, with three main entity types to choose from—Private Limited Company (Pte. Ltd), Public Limited Company and Subsidiary Company.

With our experience and global footprint, CT Corporation delivers the products and services you need to keep you compliant as you do business in Singapore.

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