ComplianceMarch 20, 2024

Canada’s implementation of the Apostille Convention

The Apostille Convention officially entered into force in Canada on January 11, 2024, requiring contracting parties to the Convention to waive the legalization requirement of public documents and utilize the more efficient, less costly apostille process.  

The Convention provides a set process by which member jurisdictions to the Convention can authenticate a public document by issuing a single apostille certificate through a competent authority in the place where the document originates. This one-step process reduces time and costs for cross-border use of public documents by avoiding additional certification or legalization at an embassy or consulate of the foreign/destination country. Apostilled documents are commonly needed for registering a company, opening a bank account, and other business or legal transactions being conducted in a member jurisdiction to the Convention.

In Canada, apostille certificates are available through Global Affairs Canada, an agency under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, for documents issued or notarized in specific provinces or issued by the Government of Canada. In addition, apostille certificates are available through the competent authority as determined by the province, particularly for Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario, Quebec, and Saskatchewan, e.g. Ministry of Justice of Alberta and Ministry of Public and Business Service Delivery of Ontario.  

How CT Corporation can help

With so many steps and considerations to take before, during, and after the issuance or execution of a document that originates in one jurisdiction for use in another, it’s important to have the right support.

Whether you already have the document in hand or are somewhere in the process of arranging to have it issued or signed, CT Corporation provides the assistance and support you need to get it done. For more information on our Authentication and Apostille services, contact a CT Corporation representative.

Visit Apostille and Authentication Services for more information.

Robert McHugh
Global Sales Support Manager
Robert is a Global Sales Support Manager at CT Corporation with extensive experience in international corporate compliance and governance.
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