CorporateNovember 15, 2016

Celebrating 180 years of rich heritage

As part of that celebration, Wolters Kluwer launches brand new Company history timeline.

As a [browse through the timeline] shows, Wolters Kluwer’s heritage is one of reinvention through almost two centuries of disruption: from the turn of the 20th Century and the dawn of modern industrial economy, through the birth of the internet, to the present day. However, while much has changed, some things have remained constant.

180 Years of Rich Heritage

Some say that we live in the most disruptive times ever. The pace of technological change shows no sign of slowing. Customer needs and behaviors are evolving fast. Increasing global regulation impacts companies across industries. And robotics, artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning and more are set to make their presences felt on the strategy, operations and business models of our customers in the very near future.

Taking cues, perhaps, from Clay Christensen’s landmark theory on disruptive innovation (explained here in two minutes) the Company’s 2016-2018 strategy creates value through delivering expert solutions.

These expert solutions combine deep domain knowledge with intelligent technologies to deliver vital analytics and answers deep into our customers’ workflows. Together, they help our customers successfully navigate change, manage complexity, improve outcomes and productivity.

Historically, however, it was the Company’s work in subject matter expertise, analytics and workflow done five years earlier that provided the foundation for today’s expert solutions. In turn, this was only possible thanks to the digital transformation of the Company’s portfolio, which began under the new leadership of our current CEO Nancy McKinstry in September 2003.

The Common Thread

While much has changed throughout the Company’s history, some things have remained constant: strong values and business principles, the pursuit of deep domain knowledge, innovation in technology—and a long-standing focus on the customer’s need to be right.

We will be exploring those themes over time. Meanwhile, we hope you enjoy browsing our Company timeline.

If you have a story to share about the history of Wolters Kluwer, we’d be happy to hear from you. Contact us on [email protected].