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Tax & AccountingSeptember 12, 2023

Building Your Small Firm’s Ideal Tech Stack

By: Wolters Kluwer Tax and Accounting

When your firm is focused on building momentum and differentiating itself in a cluttered and competitive space, it’s often easier to focus on the work and ignore the things — technology, processes, or people — that aren’t working for you. Regardless of whether your firm model is highly transactional, high-touch, or a balance of both, it’s easy to get so distracted by everyday tasks that you neglect planning for the future.

But working harder rather than smarter and choosing to focus on the current workload — rather than considering how you can successfully scale and build a more resilient firm — can backfire. 

When you neglect to establish strategic goals, your firm can quickly find itself in a position where your book is full of clients that don’t support those same long-term goals.

When you neglect to promote your firm and differentiate yourself from your competition, you risk commoditizing your business and getting sucked into the race to the lowest price.

And when you neglect to use the data you already collect about your clients — and your firm — to drive decision-making, you’re missing opportunities to increase capacity and your profit margin.

So how do small firms — who often differentiate themselves with exceptional customer service and the personal touch — set themselves up for success?

The right tech stack — one that helps your firm balance people, processes, and technology — can help. 

In this white paper, we'll discuss the following topics:

  • Defining Success and Determining Your Strategic Goals
  • Building Your Ideal Tech Stack
  • Making Sure Your Investments Play Well With Others
  • Finding the Right Fit For Your Firm

Smaller tax and accounting firms usually don’t run their businesses the same way that large firms do. They often focus their tech stack on streamlining workflows, improving project tracking, and finding solutions for customer collaboration. That means they’re less likely to use innovative technologies and advanced data analytics tools to grow their business — and that means they’re missing out. A small practice incorporating the right strategies and tech-enabled services can set its clients up for success and the firm up for growth.

Download the white paper to keep reading about to ensure your firm's tech stack will help accomplish strategic goals and achieve your firm's definition of success. 

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In the cloud or on premise, find the solutions you need to supercharge your tax preparation productivity.
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