CorporateMay 26, 2014

Big content: A story of relevance and trust

Caroline Wouters discusses the concept of copyright in Communication Director magazine.

Caroline Wouters, Vice President Corporate Communications and Global Brand Lead at Wolters Kluwer, recently contributed an article to Communication Director magazine, where she discusses how the emergence of new technologies has created occasions to carve out exceptions to copyright. 

“In the coming years, important issues such as privacy and piracy will be unavoidable and will need to be addressed by a lot of people in a meaningful way. Security is another hot topic. With that, copyright as a way to organise the market and build trust in the quality of content will become even more important. Copyright rules and how Generation C will benefit from a world with copyright will develop itself even further, towards web 3.0 and beyond. The need for relevance, reliability and quality of content is greater than it has even been. Our role is to be part of that global debate and develop our vision of how our content is appreciated by and made available to our audiences.”

Read the full article in Communication Director.