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How Wolters Kluwer journals help authors comply with funder mandates

Read this article about what Wolters Kluwer offers for articles that have funder-mandated open access policies.

Compliance with funder-mandated open access policies

A number of research funding agencies now require or request authors to publish their research under a Creative Commons license. Wolters Kluwer has agreements with funders to ensure that authors fully comply with the open access requirements of major funding bodies worldwide.

Additionally, all authors who choose the open access option will have their final published article deposited in PubMed Central immediately upon publication.

Wolters Kluwer offers two publication routes, Gold and Green, for articles that have funder-mandated open access policies. Specific policies may vary.

Gold Route. Authors who are funded at institutions listed below can choose to publish their paper open access with the payment of an article processing charge (APC). Articles will be made available under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution (CC BY) License and the final versions of the articles will be deposited in PubMed Central upon publication.

Green Route. If a Wolters Kluwer journal does not offer an open access option or if authors do not have funding available, they may make their papers available in an open access repository under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution – Non-Commercial (CC BY-NC) license after an embargo period. Under these terms, authors will not authorize the display of the final peer reviewed manuscript prior to 12 months following publication of the final article if the journal offers an open access option or six months following publication if the journal does not offer open access.

Agreement with universities in the Netherlands

Wolters Kluwer and the UKB—the Dutch Consortium of University Libraries and Royal Library—have agreed that from January 2017 Dutch authors can publish articles in our Lippincott “hybrid” journal portfolio without paying Article Processing Charges (APCs). Fully open access journals are excluded from the agreement. A list of open access and hybrid journals are listed here.

Corresponding authors of accepted articles from the Netherlands should contact their library for details on how to obtain a coupon for the APC waiver. Articles will be published under the Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial Non-Derivative License (CC BY-NC-ND).

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