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Tax & AccountingMarch 20, 2023

API-first productivity utilities in CCH Axcess

Supporting tax and accounting professionals means more than just providing a product; it means supporting an entire workflow. And since your tax workflow may draw on the strengths of several different systems, the software you use should support connectivity with other systems via APIs.

CCH Axcess Tax has an API-First strategy when it comes to helping you automate your tax workflows. In addition to offering APIs for firms to build custom integrations and a Marketplace for off-the-shelf third-party automations, CCH Axcess offers a number of productivity utilities that can streamline and automate the movement of data through your entire workflow.

Batch Print Set Utility

Print sets enable you to customize exactly what prints with a return, including the order of printing. The Batch Print Set Utility uses the Advanced Print APIs in CCH Axcess to print up to 10 print jobs at a time, with multiple print sets per return, across multiple returns, for up to 50 returns per job. With endlessly configurable print sets, firms save time on printing and collating returns and produce more client-friendly deliverables.

How to: Batch print returns in CCH Axcess Tax 

K-1 Import Utility

The K-1 Import Utility uses Tax Transfer APIs to import K-1 data from Microsoft® Excel®. Since many accountants prefer working in Excel, the K-1 Import Utility saves time by eliminating error-prone cutting and pasting while improving the employee experience by letting them use the tools they are most comfortable with. Firms can also export prior-year K-1s into Excel as a starting point for this year’s data. The K-1 Import Utility works with Partnership, S Corporation, and Fiduciary returns.

How to: Using Tax Transfer to import data into tax returns

1040 Passthrough Import Utility

The 1040 Passthrough Import Utility also uses the Tax Transfer APIs to move data into and out of Microsoft® Excel®. You can export Fiduciary, Partnership, and S Corporation passthrough information from a 1040 return to a Microsoft® Excel® file, and use the resulting Spreadsheet as a template that can then be imported in a rolled forward return.

How to: Import 1040 Passthrough Activity from another return 

Batch E-file Extensions Utility

Using the Advanced Tax API Kit, the Batch e-File Extensions Utility uploads extensions, with the option to hold or submit them, in batches. This helps firms save time by filing multiple extensions at one time without having to open each return and upload each extension separately. Since no dollar amounts are uploaded, this utility is only for returns that do not have a balance due. The utility can upload 1040 federal and state returns, and you can select to print copies of the return at the same time. You can even schedule the batch to run unassisted during off-hours so you can get more work done during the day.

How to: Electronically file extensions using Batch Manager 

Data Axcess Utility (DAU)

The Data Axcess Utility (DAU) uses the Data Axcess APIs to extract the firm’s client, project and billing data from CCH Axcess into a local or cloud SQL database.  From there, firms can query the data using the business intelligence tools of their choice, such as Microsoft Power BI. The Data Axcess Utility includes a report library with popular pre-built reports like Accounts Receivable Aging, Accounts Receivable Payments and Credits, Client Billing Realization, and a Marketing Report. It can also be used with the CCH Axcess Data Axcess Dashboards to populate 7 pre-built Power BI dashboards.

How to: What information is available with the Data Axcess Utility

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Aimee Hall is a product marketing manager for Wolters Kluwer Tax and Accounting US, focusing on the professional market. In this role, she is responsible for leading the marketing strategy for tax software products including CCH Axcess Tax, CCH ProSystem fx Tax and ATX Tax. She joined Wolters Kluwer in 2006 and lives in the Chicago suburbs.

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